Amazon Censors Change Therapy Books

freedom Jul 08, 2019

The day before Independence Day, Amazon took down a number of books at the request of LGBTQ activists. These books included many books on therapy to help people change their sexual orientation. A few of the books were autobiographies of people who have experienced change in their sexual orientation.

Amazon is a private company and has the right to sell and/or not sell what they choose. However, it should concern anyone who believes in freedom of speech and thought that a few activists were able to apply enough pressure to get Amazon to take down books talking about ideas they don't agree with.

It's notable that Amazon still carries books by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, yet now considers the ideas and personal stories about sexual orientation change dangerous enough that they would take them down.

The attached petition asks Amazon to reinstate the books. It's written in a way such that you don't have to agree with the ideas in the books to agree with the premise of the petition - that alternate voices and ideas deserve to be heard and not silenced.

I don't know whether the petition will remain up. Last I heard, Change (dot) org was getting pressure to take the petition down. They have a history of taking down petitions they don't agree with.

Please sign the petition, and please share it to as many people as you can. Alternate ideas deserve to be heard and not silenced.


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